AscendEX to Airdrop and List Forked Token EthereumPoW (ETHW) In Progress

Dear users,

AscendEX will airdrop and open trading for EthereumPoW (ETHW). Details are as follows:

ETHW is the token for a potential forked chain of Ethereum that will continue using Proof of Work consensus. Following the successful completion of the Ethereum merge, Ethereum (ETH) holders on AscendEX have been credited ETHW at a ratio of 1:1. 

Trading for EthereumPoW will open at 10 pm UTC under the trading pair ETHW/USDT.

Deposit and withdrawal will be supported for ETHW if a canonical EthereumPoW chain emerges that passes our security requirements. If no canonical EthereumPoW chain emerges, ETHW will settle to zero. Stay tuned for further announcements.

Please note:

  • The snapshot to determine ETHW airdrop sizes was taken on September 15, 6:15 am UTC, and included net ETH balances in Cash accounts, Earn accounts, and ETH used as collateral in Margin and Futures accounts.
  • Margin-borrowed ETH, ETH Leveraged Tokens, ETHUSDT perpetual futures contracts, and undistributed ETH Earn rewards were not included in the snapshot.


Please take time to research the risks associated with trading this product. This token may or may not exist depending on the actions of the community of PoW miners. If AscendEX determines that no EthereumPoW fork can pass our security requirements, the token will settle to zero, and deposits and withdrawals will not be supported.

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